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All of our cats are Tica registered


Kings & Queens

As a an ETHICAL Ragdoll breeder, ALL our breeding cats are:

-raised following TICA's Standards for Ethical Ragdoll Breeders

-from top quality Ragdoll lines ONLY. We purchase new breeding cats only from other reputable ethical breeders like ourselves.

-health checked yearly by a licensed veterinarian.

-fully vaccinated for FVRCP and Feline Leukemia

-DNA tested (Wisdom Panel) free of the most common genetic killers of Ragdolls; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy & polycystic kidney disease. 3 out of 10 Ragdolls from untested lines will suddenly up and die from these genetic defects.

-snap index tested free of Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids

-wormed a minimum of twice yearly for heart/tape AND round worms

-given anti flea anti tick & anti mite treatment.

-queens are bred for litters 6 to 12 months apart. Our mommas health is important to us! Queens in good condition raise healthier babies :)

-kept in a clean and regularly sanitized home rich in mentally stimulating activities.

- exposures to infectious agents is strictly limited by operation of a closed cattery to protect momma and babies, but you may have unlimited live audiovisual visits with your kitten.

-extensively socialized with other cats which is extremely important since most cats are multi cat households.

-raised with dogs since most pet homes have both cats and dogs

- handled DAILY the breeder. This is a HOME; not a cat mill. Our cats mental health is as important to us as their physical health!

-retired early (usually at age 3) so they can go be a beloved pet for the rest of their lives.

King Tao- Blue Bicolor
King- Talisman- Seal Mitted
Queen Autumn Mist - Blue Mitted
Queen Bailey- Blue Bicolor
Queen Anna- Lilac Bicolor
Future Queen Seraphim- Seal Bicolor
Future Queen Talia-Blue Bicolor
Future Queen Aamari- Sepia Seal Mink Mitted
Future Queen Bella Rose-Seal Mitted
Retired Queen Aasia- Sepia Seal Mink
Retired Queen Amethys-Lilac Bicolor
Retired Queen Aiyla- Sepia Blue Mitted Mink
Retired Queen Athena- Blue Bicolor
Retired Queen Sapphire -Seal Bicolor
Retired King Myfuzzyloves Blue Tzar- Seal Bicolor

About us

Azure Sky Ragdolls are a small home based, TICA registered and licensed Ragdoll Breeder in BC. Our cattery is located in the southwestern interior of BC in Kamloops. Currently we are the only TICA Ragdoll breeder in Kamloops.

All our kings and queens are beloved pets in our home, and raised with much love.

All of our cats live with us as part of our family

Our Kitten Nannies; Sophia & Bear

Head Kitten Nanny - Sophia - German Shepherd

Sophia has been raised with cats since she was little; they are part of her family. She does offend them to no end when they have grown into adults as she insists that she must still clean their face AND bottoms. As such all the kittens we raise do spend a significant amount of time looking like Elvis with their hair swept back.

Nanny Sophia of course is constantly “on the job”.

Assistant Kitten Nanny -Bear- White Eskimo

Bear has been raised in our cattery and is responsible for befriending all the older kittens. He is "best friends" Seraphim. We find them sleeping together all the time. The young king and queens all head butt him in a sign of affection.